Oslo— September 23, 2019

Today the International Plain Language Federation launches a new website and the agenda for plain language in 2020 at the PLAIN2019 Conference. Each year there is an international conference and the PLAIN2019 Conference is in Oslo this week.

“We are pleased to share our agenda and networking opportunities with communicators around the world,” said Annetta Cheek, Chair of the International Plain Language Federation. The Federation promotes the public benefits of plain language and improves professional practice.

Plain Language is a right

Plain Language is a right, according to Cheek, who was a founder of the U.S. Center for Plain Language. The Center now provides an annual report card on the government agencies required to use plain language by the Plain Writing Act of the U.S.

With Clarity, an international association promoting plain legal language, the Center and the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) are the member organizations of the Federation. These member groups work to make plain language the standard for modern

What is plain language?

According to the Federation definition:
A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information.

The Federation website gives the definition in 19 languages and more are in the works.

Joint Agenda in 2020

The IPLF is currently working with the International Standards Organization (ISO) to develop an international standard for creating clear and simple public information.

Other agenda items for IPLF include the training of plain language professionals.

The IPLF appreciates the contribution of volunteers Shelly Davies of New Zealand, Cheryl Stephens of Canada and skritswap, whose artificial intelligence tool helps plain English experts simplify language.

For more information

PR Contact Name: Annetta Cheek: AnnettalCheek@gmail.com

Download the IPLF Media Kit or visit iplfederation.org