What's plain language?

A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information.

Who's plain language for?
Plain language is for anyone who wants to communicate written information clearly, effectively, and with empathy for readers. Plain language is a concept applicable to many languages, not just English. 
What is The International Plain Language Federation?
The IPLF is a joint project between the Center for Plain LanguageClarity, and the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)It’s managed by a board made up of representatives of these three organisations. See Our Agenda for more.
Who runs the Federation?

The Federation is run by representatives from the Center for Plain LanguageClarity, and the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN).

How long has the Federation been around?
We launched in 2007.
Can I join?
No. But you can join any of our member organisations: the Center for Plain LanguageClarity, and the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN).
I have questions. Who can I talk to?

Our Chair, Vera Gergely

Where can I learn more about plain language?
Who's using and promoting plain language?

Plain language is recognized widely as making information accessible to readers. Here are just a few examples of where it’s being used.

US government – Federal Plain Language guidelines and the Plain Writing Act of 2010

US Securities and Exchange Commission – Here and here

State of Washington, USA

US National Center for States Courts 

US Self-Represented Litigation Network

US State Justice Institute

Australia – Law and Justice Foundation 

Australia – Victoria Law Foundation

India – Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy 

Ireland – National Adult Literacy Agency

Norway – Agency for Public Management and eGovernment

South Africa

Sweden – Ministry of Justice

Wales – University of Bangor

The European Union 

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