The Bibliography aims to support the implementation of the ISO Plain Language Standard especially with resources that provide empirical evidence for the guidelines in the Standard and illustrate how authors and organizations can apply a principle or a guideline

This page is structured according to themes that relate to the Standard. Each theme has several tags. Each resource under the theme is linked to the relevant tag or tags. Resources can fall under more than one them. You can also download a copy for yourself if you want to be able to filter it.

Please note that the bibliography is a work in progress. It is intended to be a living document, with new resources continuously added.

Are you missing something?

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We will review the suggestions periodically and add them to the bibliography if they meet our criteria

The resource must be scientifically sound, and it must provide empirical evidence for the guidelines in the Standard, or illustrate how authors and organizations can apply a principle or a guideline.

If you have any other comments on the bibliography, we welcome all suggestions at Creating a bibliography is never a clear-cut exercise and we’re always looking to improve upon it.

Why is this not part of the Standard itself?

We chose to create this extended bibliography for several reasons:

  • It’s much easier to search a spreadsheet than a static document. You can easily find resources in a given language, topic, and so on.
  • We can update the spreadsheet continuously (as opposed to the Standard which we cannot).
  • ISO Standards are priced per page. We did not want you to have to pay extra for a long list of resources.


A lot of people worked on this bibliography or contributed to it. We are grateful to all of them:

Chantale Audet, Amelie Bourret, Lorenzo Carpanè, Annetta Cheek, Milva Finnegan, Vera Gergely, Nadja Green, Joe Kimble, Margrethe Kvarenes, David Lipscomb, Melinda Melcher, Karen Schriver, and Sarah Slabber

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