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The International Plain Language Federation brings together plain language organisations and individuals. We promote the public benefits of plain language and improve professional practice.

about us

The International Plain Language Federation was established in 2007 as a joint project of three organizations – the Center for Plain LanguageClarity and the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN). We work together to advance plain language as a profession.

We are managed by a board made up of representatives of these three organisations.

Our current priorities

International standard

Developing an international standard for plain language.

Training and certification

Exploring options for training and certifying plain language practitioners.

developing an international standard


One of our main activities right now is helping our 3 member organizations ― Clarity, PLAIN, and the Center ― to work with the International Standards’ Organization (ISO) to develop a multi-language standard for plain language.

We initiated ISO’s project to develop the plain language standard, see the June 2019 update below.

A timeline of the plain language standard

How you can be involved

Read here about how you can be involved


May 2021 – Access for All plain language conference – part 2

October 2020 – Access for All plain language conference – part 1

Sept 2020 – Where we’re at, next steps, and the back story

Oct 2019 – ISO votes “Yes” to develop a plain language standard

June 2019 – One giant step towards a plain language standard

2018 – Special issue of The Clarity Journal, dedicated to the standards project, see The Clarity Journal, 79, 2018

2010 – Special issue of The Clarity Journal containing an Options Paper setting out the International Plain Language Federation’s plans, including to try to develop an international plain language standard.

Standards working group

Christopher Balmford

Bede Sunter

Karen Schriver
United States

Rosa Margarita Galán Vélez

Gael Spivak

Anne-Marie Hasselrot

Joanna Richardson

Lynda Harris
New Zealand

Sissel C. Motzfeldt

Milva Finnegan

Annetta Cheek
United States

Joh Kirby

Miguel Martinho

Susan Kleimann

Nicole Fernbach

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