Our members

The International Plain Language Federation brings together 3 international plain language organisations. 


Center for Plain Language



The Center for Plain Language is a volunteer, non-profit organisation of plain language professionals. Its members include practitioners, private business owners, researchers, lawyers, educators, government employees, and students. 

Since its founding in 2003, the Center for Plain Language has had one mission: 

To champion clear communication so people and organizations can thrive 

Its vision is to create a culture of clarity for: 

  • Every audience
  • Every format
  • Every time 



An international association promoting plain legal language

Clarity is a not-for-profit, worldwide, network of professionals who are committed to promoting plain legal language.

Clarity was founded in the UK in 1983 by a small group of legal professionals.

Our members are people who believe in the benefits of plain legal language. They include judges, lawyers, government officials, scholars and teachers, as well as corporate and NGO representatives.

Clarity’s biannual journal, The Clarity Journal, is a leading source of plain language news and research from across the globe.





Plain Language Association International (PLAIN) continues to be the international association for plain language professionals and supporters that promotes clear communication in any language.

For more than 20 years it has shared expertise and promoted plain language in the public and private sectors in all fields, including legal, administrative, and health. Its growing network includes more than 500 members from over 30 countries working in clear communication in more than 15 languages.

PLAIN is a non-profit organization incorporated in Canada. Its volunteer board members work on committees in these areas:

  • Membership
  • Conference
  • Communication
  • Publications
  • Professional development
  • Finance and governance