You can read the latest update about ISO’s project to develop a plain language standard here.

Directly involved

For you to be directly involved in the development of the standard:

  • you need to be a member of the relevant committee of your country’s standards organisation ― you can apply to the organisation to join; and
  • your country’s standards organisation needs to be a Participating Member of TC 37. You can check that here. If it isn’t, then you can contact it to encourage it to become one. We understand that TC 37 welcomes new Participating Members.

You can find contact details for your country’s standards organisation here if it’s a member.

Indirectly involved

You can be indirectly involved in the development of the standard by commenting on the drafts that Clarity, PLAIN, and the Center make available to their members. Each of those 3 organizations is able to do that as ISO has appointed it as a Liaison Organization for the plain language project.