October 2020
Hosted by Clarity, PLAIN and the Center for Plain Language

The conference had a second part in May 2021.

Discussion panel video


  • Barbra Kingsley, Chair of the Center for Plain Language


  • Laurent Romary, Chair of the ISO Technical Committee (TC 37) overseeing the plain language standard project
  • Vera Gergely, Chair of the ISO Drafting Committee developing the standard; Chair of the International Plain Language Federation
  • Christopher Balmford, Project Leader of ISO’s plain language standard project; and a Clarity past president

supporting videos

Why standards?

Vera Gergely (Hungary)
Chair of the ISO project’s Drafting Committee
What’s the point of having a standard? (What you can do with the standard, and what should come next)

Project overview

Christopher Balmford (Australia)
Project Leader of ISO’s project
Where we’re at, next steps, and the back story

Presentations by members of the Drafting Committee writing the standard

Andreas Baumert (Germany)
Einfache Sprache und plain language

Angelika Vaasa (Luxembourg)
Clear + multilingual communication = Citizens’ Language at the European Parliament

Machiko Asai (Japan)
Benefits and Needs of Plain Language

Susan Kleimann and David Lipscomb (USA)
An Inside Look: the Making of the Plain Language Standards