Training and certification

While the Federation does not offer plain language training or certification, it does want to inform its members know of such programs.

Plain language practitioners do not need to be certified, but those who are have successfully gone through a program that focuses on various aspects of plain language. Plain language training is valuable without achieving certification, enabling people to communicate clearly in social as well as professional areas.

The inclusion of a program on this page should not be seen as an endorsement of the program by the Federation. This is for information only, and the Federation welcomes knowing about other programs to be included on this site.

Simon Fraser University

Plain Language Certificate at SFU

The need for plain language expertise is growing, as governments and organizations around the world recognize the importance of precise, clear communication with the public. Plain language skills are now in demand in an increasing number of fields—including publishing, law, education, government, health services, immigrant services, marketing, PR, technical communications and graphic design.  

SFU’s part-time, online Plain Language Certificate program is designed for communication professionals ready to expand their skills. Our comprehensive training will allow you to convey any message so that the broadest possible audience can understand it.

You’ll learn from established industry experts who bring real-world knowledge and experience in plain language communication. Our flexible, online program is ideal for working professionals, and you can complete your certificate in as little as one year.

IC Clear

This 2015-2016 pilot program focused on developing a European postgraduate training course in clear communication. It was developed by Clarity and funded by the European Union.

If you are aware of any relevant programs that you think should be included on this page please contact us.