Plain language standard

One of the key activities of the Federation at present is the development of an international plain language standard.

Our focus is to develop an optional multi-language standard for plain language under the auspices of the International Standards’ Organization (ISO). The Standards Project has been on the our agenda since the we were established in 2009.

The development of the Standard is been overseen by a Standards Working Group made up of members of Clarity, PLAIN and the Center for Plain Language. Chaired by Christopher Balmford from Australia.

The timeline for the development of the standard is:

  • March 2019 — Apply to Standards Australia to start the process. After result, communicate through the Federation.
  • September 2019 — PLAIN in Oslo, progress report, partial draft.
  • September 2020 — Clarity conference, progress report more complete draft.
  • September 2021 — PLAIN conference, progress report. Australia process complete.