International Plain Language Federation Board

The Federation Board is appointed under the Constitution. It is made up of 13 members selected as follows:

Six of the members are nominated by the Federation’s three founding plain language organisations: the Plain Language Association International (PLAIN), Clarity and the Center for Plain Language.

These members select a further six members to represent a wide range of countries and languages.

The Board can also select a thirteenth member as its chair, or nominate a chair from its 12 members.

The current Board members are:


  • Dr. Annetta Cheek (United States)

Clarity representatives

  • Julie Clement (United States)
  • Christopher Balmford (Australia)

Center for Plain Language Representatives

  • Dr. Susan Kleimann (United States)
  • David Lipscomb (United States)

PLAIN representatives

  • Margrethe Kvarenes (Norway)

Country and language representatives 

  • Gergely Vera (Hungary)
  • Roma Galen Velez (Mexico)
  • Miguel Martinho (Portugal )
  • Lynda Harris (New Zealand)
  • Torunn Reksten (Norway)
  • Karen Schriver (United States)